Violence in all its expression, drug trafficking, gang formation, family disintegration, poverty, unemployment, lack of work and educational opportunities are examples of what Guatemalans experience today. These psycho-social problems affect many families and unfortunately the most affected are children and youth, who as a consequence grow up in pathological environments lacking security, emotional intelligence, respect, equity and dignity. Jocotenango is considered a high-risk municipality due to the violence that is experienced, that is why the Paula Weiskopf foundation firmly believes that support and work with children and youth is very important to break cycles of violence, poverty and disinformation.

The Paula Weiskopf Foundation was founded in 1998. Initially, it was established to provide services to employees of Caoba Doors under corporate social responsibility. However, seeing a great need in the community of Jocotenango, Sacatepequez, Guatemala, the foundation’s purpose shifted to expand services to people in the community. Today, the foundation focuses on education through a Scholarship Program and a Daycare Center. To learn more about these programs, please visit Programs.